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Industry Professionals

Below is a list of Retailers and Industry Professionals who are already accepting Collectorcoin. Collectorcoin is like a Virtual Coupon that can be used at a number of retailers and industry professionals. Each Collectorcoin has a Virtual Coupon Vale of around $0.01 USD. The true value of Collectorcoin is Officially Determined between the businesses and customers trying to redeem them. CLC Does not contain a physically fiat currency value and cannot be used like traditional money or even like traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Collectorcoin is not a Cryptocurrency and is not convertible for any denominations of fiat currency in any country.

  1.  4th Wall Productions -
  2. Mad Philly 
  3.  The Panel Box -
  4.  Little Giant Comics -
  5. Inkscalibur 
  6.  Supersonic Comic & Action Figures
  7.  The Comic Book Guide -
  8.  Vivid Reflections -
  9.  Bitcloud Mine
  10.  Atlanta Weed Club
  11.  Atlanta Marketing and Advertising
  12.  MW Pressure Washing -
  13. James Dillon Broxson Music -

Industry Professionals who expressed interest

  1.  BOOM Comics & More -
  2.  Art by Steven A. Wilcox -
  3.  Waldos Wonders -
  4.  Lawsons Comics -
  5.  Gamers Haven -
  6. Ruff Edges Comics & Collectibles -