Less than 10% physical cash exist to back all the digital currencies in your bank account. Digital is the new way to pay and currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum are paving the way. Collectorcoin allows buyers and sellers a safe, secure, and anonymous transaction system built on a verifiable blockchain. Unlike Bitcoin any transactions with Collectorcoin provide a ring signature, not revealing who sent or who received the funds.

Instant Acceptance

Collectorcoin has a list of 15+ Businesses and other Industry Professionals that have already agreed to accept Collectorcoin or express interest in accepting it! This gives Instant Acceptance available to anyone who supports and backs this project. With our Simple-Wallet feature you will receive place holder tokens into your Wallet directly on our website. You can then shop for more or send and receive from anyone around the world. Invite your friends and conveniently buy/sell/trade Comics, Collectibles or Anything for CLC.

Exclusive Coin

Collectorcoin will be made immediately available for sending and receiving to friends, family and anyone else who has backed the project. You can send and receive CLC anywhere in the World for Free with our Simple-Wallet feature. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as Collectorcoin is aiming to be the exclusive cryptocurrency used on a marketplace, like eBay, for collectors and will continue to work on exclusive deals with many other industry professionals from retailers, collectors, publishers, artists and more!

Collectorcoin Pre-ICO and ICO at Only $0.01

Why Support The ICO

Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies have shown trends to increase as market acceptance into businesses and stores increases. It is as if these 2 go hand and hand. Collectorcoin already is accepted and new businesses, stores and professionals are joining every week. We want everyone to feel welcome and ready to partake on this new venture. We are currently in Pre-ICO and our ICO will begin December 1st with an initial token cost of only 1 penny or $0.01 USD. This leaves lots of room for growth and potential for who supports the ICO.

Disrupting $1 Billion

The comic book industry sales for Print and Digital exceeded the $1 Billion Annual Benchmark in 2015 with a total combined sales of $1.03B! Sales increased to $1.085B in 2016 while we await the 2017 numbers. This is the target niche market, which Collectorcoin is targeting, is already familiar with speculative buying, holding and selling when prices are favorable. This makes targeting the already untapped market even easier. That is why Collectorcoin bears the emblem of a Hero. Anyone who supports and backs our project is a hero in our book and just might become as rich as Tony Stark.

ICO at $0.01

Collectorcoin is currently free to send anywhere in the world with our Simple-Wallet feature. We are also in the final stages of developing  an iOS and Android Game for users to play and earn Collectorcoin on. This will gamify the experience of Mobile Mining and allow us to penetrate the 224 million smart phone users in the world. Collectorcoin is a coin for anyone and everyone! The ICO will make Collectorcoin available at only $0.01 each and these are limited in supply, there is a hard cap on how many coins will be available. Pre-ICO is currently on with a 30% Referral Bonus Code provided after sign-up.

Mobile Mining

Mine Collectorcoin right from your Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop, or Desktop Computer. We are currently working with CryptoNight and CyrptoNote to provide a Mobile Mining experience that Bitcoin cannot provide. Collectorcoin is Decembers Hottest ICO! Also in the works is our iOS and Android smart phone game that will be unveiling in just a few days.

Available Now

Collectorcoin works diligently to find industry professionals with businesses, online shops, stores, artists and more that are ready to accept Collectorcoin for their goods and services! This is a BIG game changer to be already accepted in our niche market prior the ICO! We made Collectorcoin readily available on Day 1!

Feature Packed

The Gaming App will work as a viral marketing tool to target over 224 million smart phone users across the world. This Gaming App will allow you to compete against friends and family while earning Collectorcoin in the process.  Collectorcoin also provides ring signatures with every transaction. This means your information and transactions are near impossible to follow or trace. Making Collectorcoin Safe - Secure - Anonymous.

Collectorcoin is For Everyone, NOT Just Collectibles!

Collectorcoin ICO

Collectorcoin will be made available publicly at the ICO which is planned for December 1st 2017! Collectorcoin is Decembers best ICO to invest in and support. We are doing great things and updates are coming out every few days. Everything is being quality tested prior to release and ICO. We want to be December Hottest ICO with all of our software in place, tested and ready to go!

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Collectorcoin is $0.01 each at ICO! You can check our White Paper for more detailed information like how to get involved, referral bonuses, upcoming plans, mining and more! We tend to announce things first on the Collectorcoin Facebook Page.

After the ICO at $0.01 there will be a few ways you can obtain more Collectorcoin these will include mining, playing the smart phone game or in the secondary marketplaces.

A very specific amount of Collectorcoin are created on purpose as we want Collectorcoin to feel more human in efforts to reach a broader audience. It does not make sense to a newcomer to pay 0.000285 Bitcoin for a comic book.

That is why we adopted the already widely used 2 decimal place, whole number, system. It makes more sense and feels more natural paying 56.75 Collectorcoin for a Comic Book or other items compared to a fractional number like 0.000347

Get Notified for The ICO

The ICO will make CollectorCoin available at $0.01 each and these will be in Limited Supply. To get notified via e-mail sign up for our alerts.